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Shaking hands and taking names!

What an remarkable day it was for the CPAAAS organization, CPA, and the Schaumburg Police Department at the SBA Expo!

I can't remember the last time I spoke for almost 8 hours about something so fantastic, but it is easy when you enjoy what you are talking about; our Angel Fund and the greatest Law Enforcement Agency we know!

Here are just a few of the magnificent business professionals we connected with today regarding our Angel Fund:

  • Village Trustee and CPAAAAS Alumni George Dunham;
  • Katie Berganske - AmCheck and CPAAAS Champion;
  • Pinstripes of South Barrington (for their generous offers to CPAAAS for future events):
  • Vince Clemente, President of ERC Delivery Service (Many thanks for your enthusiasm for SPD/CPA!)
  • Frank G. Gallis President & CEO of Management Development Group;
  • Terry Parke of the Boy Scouts of America and neighboring Non Profit Table;
  • Daniel Luber of New England Financial (What a Small World!)
  • Capt. (Ret.) Thomas J. Carter of the Special Forces Association Chapter XXXVIII;
  • Patty Neuswanger of Hands on Chicago;
  • Mary Walsh of Advantage Staffing (Looking forward to CPAAAS working with you)!
  • Wayne Borowski of ChicagoMicro.

We look forward to connecting with everyone this week, and see you all next year at the 2012 SBA EXPO!

All the best-


Theresa Plazewski



CPAAAS Website Goes LIVE!

Dear Friends -

Today, many months of collaboration have come to fruition with the launch of our new website!

Heartfelt thanks go out to Alumni Joe Ziniel for demonstrating Alumni talent at its best in not only creating, but designing our brand new website.

We hope you willl enjoy it and find it easy to navigate.

Thank you again Joe, for the past 7 months of hard, HARD work!


Theresa Plazewski



Nov. 17 General Meeting Agenda - 6 PM START TIME- CPR TRAINING

Dear Alumni-
I hope this finds you well.
Attached please find our agenda for this Thursday's meeting in the Classroom at 6 pm in the Police Department.  We have a guest speaker so please plan to attend as we will begin promptly at 6 pm.

Due to the arrival of our guest speaker on a CPR Training night, we will host our speaker and then begin our CPR training immediately after he concludes.  :)

Gentle reminders:
Donations to the Food Pantry
The food pantry is still in need of all types of food and paper products.  This month it’s up to you if you would like, to bring personal products such as DEODORANT, SHAMPOO, TOILET PAPER or PAPER TOWELS, TOMATO SAUCE, PASTA, JUICE BOXES you’d like to donate to the Food Pantry.  Dog and Cat food is also welcome.  All donations are accepted and appreciated.   

Those members who still wish to pay their 2011 / or 2012 membership dues may bring payment to the meeting.  Your suggestions for CPAAAS activities and guest speakers for 2012 are always welcome.  For new members it is a one time $15 initial administrative fee, along with the $10 annual dues fee.  For regular members it is $10 annual fee.

Adopt a Family

If you are participating in this Holiday event, it is much appreciated if you would bring your donation to the cause this Thursday for Pat to collect before Chief Howerton speaks at 6:15 pm.

CPAAAS Website, Facebook and Twitter
Don’t forget to check out our website for recent CPAAAS news, updates and Alumni activities,



November 17, 2011 @ 6 pm



 6 pm  Welcome all new Alumni

  • Adopt a Family Collection to Pat Zikomski (for those who are Participating)

 6:15 pm   Special Announcement SPD Police Chief Brian Howerton

 Follow up to be read at next meeting:

  •  Recording Secretary  - (minutes from the last meeting)
  • Corresponding Secretary
  • Treasurer – Treasurer’s Report .
  • Vice President
  •  President Open Items.



Chaplain Eaton - Outstanding Guest Speaker at CPA Fall Class Wed. Nov. 2, 2011 

Dear Friends-

If you attended the CPA Class Wed. Nov. 2, 2011, you heard guest speaker Chaplain Eaton of the Northwest Corridor Chaplaincy Services share his countless PD, EMS, and FD experiences / contributions with the 30th Class of the Schaumburg Citizens Police Academy.

Each time you see him is a new adventure.  Sometimes there are tears, often times there is laughter, but always there is great joy, respect, and appreciation for his selfless acts of kindness.

We are so blessed that there is someone like him for our Officers, Emergency Medical Services, and Fire Fighters to go to when they have seen too much or need a sight for sore eyes.....

Kind regards-


Theresa Plazewski





CPAAAS to host a table at 2011 SBA Expo on November 16, 2-7 pm at Marriott!

Dear Alumni-

What exceptional timing it was to be presented with the opportunity as  Non Profit Organization - SBA members - to host a table this year at the "2011 SBA Expo" at a rate only a Non Profit could love!

We have the complete support of our Police Department to take this opportunity to new levels, to give greater visibility to not only the outstanding crime prevention opportunities our Village PD is managing, but the CPA Program along with creating awareness for our very generous CPAAAS Angel Fund.

The main focus of our membership is to heighten the awareness of the existence of our organization within our municipality regarding our Angel Fund; especially to those who do not need or benefit from our Angel Fund services, but perhaps may want to join us as we reinvest in our Community!

If you would like to join us at the Expo, please email Theresa at as soon as possible to secure a spot.

How exciting to see our SBA Members!

All the best-


Theresa Plazewski