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Schaumburg wins Governor’s Home Town Award

Schaumburg has just won the Governor's 2011 Home Town Award for Beautification and Sustainability for Division VI in recognition of its 2010 recycling event. The event was recognized for its growth from a small-scale affair for the proper disposal of small electronics and paper shredding to one that could handle large televisions.

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2012 Calendar Items - Meetings, Benefit Days: Village Tavern & Pilot Pete's

Alumni -

The 2012 Meetings for General Sessions as well as Open Board Meetings are scheduled for the First Mondays of the months of 2012 to be held in the Community Room.  Please watch the website for any cancellations due to weather or other changes.

Our Benefit Days are on Sundays for 2012, and have been partnered with:


  • Sunday, Jan. 22
  • Sunday, April 22
  • Sunday, July 22
  • Sunday, Nov. 4


  • Sunday, Jan. 8
  • Sunday, Feb. 19
  • Sunday, Mar. 11
  • Sunday, April TBD
  • Sunday, May TBD
  • Sunday, June 10
  • Sunday, July 8
  • Sunday, Aug. 12
  • Sunday, Sept. 9
  • Sunday, Oct. 14
  • Sunday, Nov. 18
  • Sunday, Dec. 11

All proceeds will be distributed between the Operations Account and the Angel Fund Account.

Flyers with More information forthcoming.

Many thanks to all the Alumni for their recommendations to these two outstanding restaurants!



Theresa Plazewski, President


CPAAAS Awards Northwest Corridor Chaplaincy Services from Angel Fund

To know Chaplain Eaton is to love him.  What he does, what he stands for and how far his reach extends.

So when it came to Angel Fund final Year End "Reinvesting into our Community Programs / Police Department Programs," the BIG BIG BIG one that came to the minds of all Board members was remembering the Non Profit Agency of the Northwest Coridor Chaplaincy Services where Chaplain Eaton performs his greatest works of comfort.

If you attended the CPA Class Wed. Nov. 2, 2011, you heard guest speaker Chaplain Eaton of the Northwest Corridor Chaplaincy Services share his countless PD, EMS, and FD experiences / contributions with the 30th Class of the Schaumburg Citizens Police Academy and you would understand this year end support.

We are so blessed to have this Service available to our agencies.  Thank you Chaplain Eaton for all you do.

Warm regards,


Theresa Plazewski, President


CPAAAS Sponsors Village Seniors for SPD Care Trak Transmitter


Late last month, the CPAAAS Board of Directors were respectfully requested by the SPD, to sponsor Village of Schaumburg senior citizens on a fixed income for a SPD Program.  The Program is called  the Care Trak Transmitter, and is available to those in need due to various health reasons.

Diagnosed with advanced Alzheimers, one of the seniors in this couple cannot be left alone.

Obtaining a Care Trak bracelet for his wife to aid us in finding her should she wander off due to her disease, was a great decision for CPAAAS to sponsor the couple who is on a fixed (social security) income and would have great difficulty paying the dollars for the transmitter.

Because this request completely met all of the Angel Fund criteria for support, CPAAAS and the Angel Fund sponsored the Village Seniors with a check for $246.00 to Care Trak to cover the transmitter usage.

Here again, are our Angel Fund dollars being reinvested in our community!

All the best-


Theresa Plazewski



ICPA Awards CPAAAS "2011 Organization of the Year Award"


Dear Friends-

On Thursday, December 1, 2011, SPD Chief Brian Howerton, Sgt. John Nebl, CPAAAS Board Member Tom Conaway, CPAAAS Alumni Saba Rizvi, CPAAAS special guest Katie Berganske and I, were seated amongst the most generous law enforcement representatives in this great State of Illinois.

I can only express to you, how humbling it was to sit amongst these remarkable professionals whose generosity to their community equates only to the devotion they clearly have to their profession.  We also learned that our category hosted a wealth of talent representing our State in a way that we are all so proud!

Over the past 3 years, it is the over 2500 volunteer hours of our selfless, active Alumni that brought this special recognition our way.

On behalf of CPAAAS, I was deeply honored to accept your ICPA Award for "2011 Organization of the Year" and we express our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Dale Arentsen, President of the Illinois Crime Prevention Association for this invigorating news and for welcoming CPAAAS into the ICPA family.

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Kind Regards,


Theresa Plazewski