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TEAM "Adopt A Family" in HIGH GEAR for the Holidays! 

Our Powerhouse Pat Z and Team "Adopt a Family 2011," have been out shopping for wonderful Christmas gifts for our CPAAAS "Adopted Township Families."

They will host the WRAP PARTY on Dec. 4 at the SPD from 2-4 in the Community Room.  We are hoping for some festive music and refreshments and if everyone has been on the NICE list, maybe SANTA will stop by!  :) 

The teams consist of about 20 of our Alumni who have generously made personal donatations to this cause and we are so, so proud of everyone for continuing this annual benefit to our Schaumburg Township relief. 

Many thanks to Pat Z for all her hard work in coordinating the teams and working with the Township.

See you then!

That's a WRAP!  :)


Theresa Plazewski, President


A Hero Among Us...

Lieutenant John Schneidwind, our SFD CPR Trainer known to many of us as "Jack", received recognition this week from the Rotary Club, for his selfless efforts when he traveled to Ground Zero to provide manpower to the FDNY in the days that immediatley followed September 11, 2001. 

He was one of the Schaumburg Firefighters who gathered their equipment up and just went.......

We are extremely proud to call Lt. John Schneidwind one of OUR Village's own Firefighters, and are so  thrilled to have him as our guest speaker in the late Spring/early Summer of 2012!

Congratulations Jack on your recognition! 

See you soon-

Your Friends at CPAAAS


SFD provides A+ training on CPR to CPAAAS at SPD!

When you have such remarkable talent at the Schaumburg Police Department, it's only natural that the wealth of talent at our equally as talented Schaumburg Fire Department, would oblige our request to be certified on the latest and greatest CPR techniques from the State of Illinois on Nov. 17, 2011.

SFD Lt. John Schneidwind and Firefighter / Paramedic Doug Tragesser, conducted training with not only the most up to the minute "Annie" and "AED" equipment, they also trained us on the techniques that truly make a difference in life saving efforts. 

CPR can be an intense experience.   Any person who trains to do this clearly needs upper body strength, and this training gave those of us taking certification, a new insight into the updated techniques. 

As with our Police Department, the Fire Department strives for extensive continuing education to better serve our Village in greater life saving efforts and that translated over in our training.

One of the outstanding qualities of our trainers was not only their respect and appreciation for the subject matter, but for each other.  Yet as you will see below, what separates a good instructor from a great instructor is the ability to bring comic relief to intense moments. 

Our heartfelt thanks go out to Lt. John and Fft. Doug for great instruction with so much fun! 

We can't wait to have them back next year for recertification.  :)  


Theresa Plazewski, President



Giving Thanks.....

It's that time of year when thanks is something so effortless when given, yet so impactful when received, one time a year just doesn't seem enough....

Times have changed.  It is important to be frugal within certain areas of our lives, yet generosity with hearfelt thanks to those who take such great care of you without pause- even if it is his or her job, will come back to you tenfold.

So today, Thanksgiving Day 2011, THANK YOU to all who work so hard in Public Works, Police & Fire, to the wealth of talent at Village Hall in Planning, Development, Management, and all the remarkable trades at all levels - to make this community so lovely that we are proud to all call the Village of Schaumburg "Home Sweet Home." 

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


SPD Sugar and Spice- Dec. 2 Chili Cook Off & Bake Sale


Hi Theresa!!

Our annual Chili Cook Off…if you guys would like to join us that would be great!!  If anyone would like to volunteer to be the money collector for the chili, that would be awesome too!!  As you know we always have so much fun, so mark your calendars and be ready to eat.  Hope to see you there.



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Friday, December 2 is our annual Bake Sale and Chili Cook Off!!! This year the funds raised will go towards sponsoring Schaumburg families who are in need this holiday season.

 Help us decide who makes the best chili, Police, Fire, Public Works, or Village Hall?? We’re looking for some friendly competition. We’ve received confirmation from one representative from Fire, the Nursing Division has agreed to participate, and there are a few from Village Hall, and of course Police will be well represented!! We need MORE!! Dig out your crock-pots and chili recipes. You have about 3 weeks to perfect that recipe. Bring your crock-pots full of chili to the police department on the morning of December 2!!!


(We ask that you please contact one of us below to let us know if you will definitely be bringing chili, as we need to ensure that we have the adequate number of tables set up for all of the crock-pots.)



Friday, December 2

Bake Sale:    

Begins at 9:30AM and goes

until approximately 3:30PM


Lunch begins at 11:00AM and goes until 3:30PM

Chili is $6/bowl for ALL YOU CAN EAT

Make sure to bring your $1 bills, you will get 1 vote with your paid bowl, but to vote for more it'll be $1 per ballot!!!!

We are also looking for baked items as well. Make sure your items are packaged to be sold and that any plates that they are sold on, will not be returned, as they will be sold with the item.

This is an event you don't want to miss AND as an added plus, it's for a great cause!!!

 Please contact Simone (x7011), Dawn (x7271), Liz (x7301), or myself (x7013) if you're interested in helping out this year!


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