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Joe Ziniel - CPAAAS 2011 Volunteer of the Year

Joe now has his name added to the plaque which hangs in the Schaumburg Police Station!

Congratulations JOE!!!!!!  




Joe Ziniel - CPAAAS 2011 Volunteer of the Year!

Many CONGRATULATIONS go out to Alumni, Webmaster, and Active Volunteer - Joe Ziniel, for his capturing the "2011 Volunteer of the Year Award" from his peers!

Joe works tirelessly behind the scenes to promote our social media presence with not only Facebook and Twitter, but spends a large amount of his free time updating our website to make it more user friendly to our Alumni.

Everyone knows this is no easy task, and can't express their thanks enough for his hard work.

Joe was a Nominee for the Village of Schaumburg  (Individual Category) "Volunteer of the Year," and immediately left the luncheon to assist at ILEETA!   He also worked the Recycling event the weekend of April 21st, and this is just a snapshot of what Joe's contributions are to our organization.

Joe now has his name on the Volunteer of the Year plaque that hangs in the Schaumburg Police Department.

Congratulations JOE!!!!  


CPAAAS 2011 Volunteer of the Year Awards - Saturday April 28

Dear Alumni-
Exciting News just in regarding our "CPAAAS 2011 Volunteer of the Year" Lunch- April 28!
First and foremost- 2012 has launched many incredible volunteer opportunities including the ILEETA event last week lead by Coordinator Tom Conaway, as well as the Recycling Event on Saturday, April 21st.  Great job to our CPAAAS Warriors!!  J 
So it is with heartfelt pride and gratitude that we look ahead to our upcoming Awards lunch this Saturday, April 28, 2012 at Riccardo’s Restaurant at 1 pm.
Second - our new cost per person for the awards luncheon is $7 per person !  
Contact information is  Please let her know you can come by Wednesday, April 25th! Please be sure to mail it to her or contact her for arrangements.  It will be so great to see everyone there!  Many thanks to Pat for coordinating this for us!  If you let her know later, contact her as soon as you can.
Finally, a very special thanks goes out to all who took the time at meetings from December to April to place nominations for the "top" voting recipients below.   They are:
“CPAAAS 2011 Volunteer of the Year Nominees”
Joe Ziniel
Alice Burnette
Betty Hlad
Leo Salais
Please join us in congratulating them for their hard work and dedication as we award the winner on Saturday!  We look forward to celebrating this spectacular achievement with everyone!   See you Saturday!  


It's important to say thank you everyday when someone does a good job, much less a great job.

The folks at the Schaumburg Police Department support CPAAAS in so many ways, 365 days each year,  that it just doesn't take a special Holiday for us to say thank you to recognize all they do for us.

So this week, we wanted to make sure we take the time to thank all the folks - those Business Professionals at every desk,  phone, investigation resource, communications, and customer service spot that we don't see or hear, who do the behind the scenes work at the Schaumburg Police Department in Administration that make us the strong successful Village we have grown to know, love, and rely upon.

Thank you for all you do!  :)

Your CPAAAS Friends and Family




CPAAAS Board Of Directors and Alumni Support Fellow Alumni Joe Ziniel at 25th Annual Village of Schaumburg Volunteer of the Year Awards 

The CPAAAS Board members were in attendance on April 17th to show support to Joe Ziniel with his nomination in the Village of Schaumburg 2011 Volunteer of the Year Awards for the Individual category representing all of his hard work on the launch of the CPAAAS new website, and introduction / usage of social media!  We are so proud of you Joe for all of your amazing work!


Back Row: Alumni Leo Salais, Alumni Betty Hlad, Joe Ziniel (Webmaster), Theresa Plazewski, President

Front Row: Joan Alexander, Corresponding Secretary, Alumni Laura Collins and Kevin Snow, Treasurer