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Guest speaker for February

The guest speaker for February is Tony  La Frenere Executive Director of the Schaumburg Park District, speaking to us on opportunities for partnership and community involvement along with the 50th anniversary of the SPD.


Food Pantry

Hello CPAAAS members,
A reminder when you come to the meeting Jan 14, 2013 at 6:30 PM (socialize time) if you could bring a few items with you for the food pantry. Laura will then bring them to the food pantry.
Thanks for your support,
Ted Rosemann
President of CPAAAS
Citizen Police Academy
Alumni Association of Schaumburg



CPAAAS Meeting January 14, 2013 Agenda

Welcome CPAAAS Members
January 14, 2013
New start time to socialize before our meeting will be at 6:30 PM and the meeting to start at 7:00 PM. Good opportunity to talk with the Board and with your friends.
We survived the Mayan prediction that there would be a change due to their calendar ending on December 21, 2012. Maybe this is the start date of changes. This is different… no snow yet, it’s been over 300 days since we last had any measurable snow. What will be next?
Speaker this month is David Zorich who will be giving a demo on self defense. Mr. Zorich is a member of the Shindo Kan School of Judo. I’d like to thank Bill Flesch for inviting David Zorich for coming to speak to our members today. 
Treasure Report
Corresponding Secretary
Recording Secretary Minutes
Dues for 2013 membership; for members renewing it is still only $10.
New members it is a onetime recording fee of $15 plus $10 for 2013.
Topics for this month:
Family dining out night……. At Culver’s or do you know another place we can socialize.
Fund raiser evens for 2013:
                                    Wine tasting
                                    Baseball game between PD and FD
                                    Rummage sale
                                    Candle light bowel
                                    Movie nite
                                    Your idea is ____________________________________________
Next month (February) we celebrate the Presidents of the United States. More information coming concerning CPAAAS.
Here is a recap on inviting a speaker.
Any member can invite a speaker to come to our meetings. So this is your opportunity to invite someone. When you talk with them and they agree to speak, tell them you will get back with them on which days are available.
Here are some thoughts you may consider when you talk with them.
·         What is the subject they will be talking on?
·         How much time do they need? Usually an hour is the average time.
·         Will they be selling anything? Need to know this before they are scheduled.
·         Note:  that all speakers do not get paid to speak to the members.
·         Will they have hand handouts for the members?
·         Will they be using Power Point in their presentation?
·         Will they be giving out gifts?
·         As a special presentation you can introduce your speaker to the members (we are here to help you with this, if you want).



CPAAAS Meeting January 14, 2013 


The next CPAAAS meeting will be Monday January 14.
The doors are open at 6:30 PM so members can talk with the Board members or to catch up with other members and purchase their raffle tickets.

 Meeting starts at 7 PM.
  • Please bring your 2013 Dues if you haven't already paid them $10 for renewal $25 new members
  • If you would like to, please bring items to the meeting to be donated to the food pantry
  • Please bring any coupons for Laura Collins
  • Any ideas for fund raisers that CPAAAS could be involved with
  • Any ideas for events that Alumni would like to see or like to go to in 2013
Guest Speaker will be:
David Zorich Self Defense Demo (Shindo Kan School of Judo )
Many pictures from December activities were posted on the CPAAAS web site.
Chilli Cook Off and Bake Sale
CPA 2012 Fall Class Graduation
CPAAAS 2012 Wrap Party

Food Pantry Donations Spreadsheet for December (All of 2012) was posted 


CPAAAS General Meeting 11/12/12 7PM


Our guest Speaker will be Lt Neil Jones of the Schaumburg Fire Dept, speaking on Fire Safety in the Home.