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Septemberfest Update

Happy Sunday to all of you dedicated CPAAAS Volunteers.

We are just a few days away from the big event. By now everyone should have received an email from me, Mark, Larry and Christine with your schedule and assignments for the weekend.

John Fraser our Vice President will be in charge and will be the go to Board member for any issues over the weekend. John will be assisting in almost all the areas where we will have volunteers present. In addition our other board members there will be Pat Zikomski and Nancy Fallen who will be there to assist as well and assist where needed. Mark Johnson I am happy to say will be in no mans land on Plum Grove overseeing the parking lot.

I of course will be there all three days as a Septemberfest Committee Person and will do my best to stay out of all of your ways ( Ha Ha) and let you do your jobs.

Please indulge me with just a few more comments.

First a BIG THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to all of you for making this happen, words cant describe the pride that I have, and that the entire board shares with me in working with all of you. Despite the ups and downs this year and unforeseen glitches you have all come together to work as a team to make it happen. Think about it, we are providing 50 Plus volunteers to help out this weekend, what a great testament to all of you.

All of us on the board are truly blessed to have such wonderful and dedicated volunteers. Between the raffle, the NFP Day and Church Parking lot we stand to raise over $2,500 for the Angel Fund, WOW what a record!

Please be sure to wear your CPAAAS Uniform shirt and ID ( except NFP volunteers, Pat will have your Tee Shirt). Remember to adhere to the volunteer policy and guidelines when acting as a CPAAAS volunteer. We are the ambassadors for the Police Dept and I know we will make them very proud.

Also keep in mind that the fest goes on rain or shine so please be sure to dress for the weather and show up even if the weather is bad, and possibly raining even though it never rains at Septemberfest!

Be sure to tell all your friends and family to come out and support our NFP day booth on Monday where we will be selling our world famous CPAAAS Meatballs , YES," I SAID MEATBALLS". You will all love them. Be sure to thank Larry & Christine (Chairs) and all the NFP volunteers helping us raise money for the ANGEL FUND. They have worked exceptionally hard this year to make this Fund Raising Day s big success.

Also tell all your friends and family to park at the Schaumburg Alliance Church at 210 S Plum Grove Rd and say thank you to Mark Johnson for spearheading this new fundraising effort and say a special thank you to our friends with the Hoffman Estates Explorer program who will be helping us out for three days.

Lastly,no matter what the weather please be sure to enjoy yourself and have some FUN at the fest. ( all of you are welcome to stop back by the Prairie Center Stage by the lake and say hello)

Thank you ALL


Bill Flesch


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