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April Elections and 2015 Volunteer of the Year

If you were able to join us on April 11th, you were in good company. We had over 50 members in attendance to hear Special Agent Leo Hawkins of the DEA speak to us about the drug epidemic and the never ending war on drugs.

It was very enlightening and educational to say the least.

If you were unable to join us we are sorry you couldn't make it but wanted to share with you the outcome of the April elections.

A big congratulations to Pat Zikomski and Nancy Fallen for being reelected to their respective board positions, and you are stuck with yours truly for another two years. Pat and Nancy have done a great job on the board and are asset to out organization.

Please also join me in congratulating Nancy Fallen on being chosen Volunteer of the Year 2015. Nancy has faithfully volunteered at almost every event throughout the year and even taken on the position as our resident McGruff. She deserves special recognition just for wearing that outfit for hours on end.Nancy has been a long time member of the CPAAAS family and this recognition of her accomplishments is well deserved.

We will be presenting Nancy with her award at our recognition dinner in May.

Once again thank you to the the entire membership for their loyal support, you make CPAAAS proud.


Bill Flesch

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