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Nominations For Volunteer of the Year

Spring has finally arrived and its that time of year again. We are seeking any  additional nominations for volunteer of the year, 2013. At our very brief March meeting two names were put up for nomination and a third name was emailied to me after the meeting.
Pauline Willis 
Bill Flesch 
Nancy Fallen
Last year the award went to our very own Laura Collins for all her hard work with the Schaumburg Township Food Pantry.
The master spreadsheet was sent in email which shows every event that was held in 2013, the volunteers who worked it and a recap of all hours and events for everyone to review.
We will be accepting nominations via email or phone calls up to the April 14, meeting at which time  a vote will be taken by membership.
Please also mark your calendars for Sunday April 27, 2014 The Volunteer of The Year Luncheon. This year the board  will be hosting the event at Riccardo's Rest. All members are welcome to come and must RSVP to the board by or before the April 14, meeting.
There is no cost to any member who volunteered their time in 2013 and wish to come. All other members wishing to join us will be asked to pay a nominal fee for their lunch.
We look forward to hearing from each and everyone of you, thank you all for your loyal and generous support the past year.
Bill Fleash


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