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June 4 CPAAAS Agenda - Open Board Meeting - GUEST SPEAKERS 


We are proud to present two special guests for our Monday, June 4th, 2012 Meeting before we conduct our general business.  7 pm- SPD – Community Room.

From the SPD: Paula Diaz- Who  will kick off the evening with news regarding National Night Out Event on August 7th

Special Guest Speaker: Lt. Jack Schneidwind of the Schaumburg Fire Department who recently trained us at Thanksgiving on CPR, will follow Paula by sharing his experience at Ground Zero on the days that immediately followed  9/11/2001,  when he and his colleagues arrived on September 12th and departed on the evening of September 17th.   Jack has been with the Schaumburg Fire Department for the past 24 years, and the last 7 as a Lieutenant, and a Paramedic since 1985.   He has been assigned to the Squad for 20 of his  24 years,  which  is responsible for search and rescue operations at fire scenes.   The Squad is also the company that does dive rescue, vehicle extrication, hazardous materials operations and all technical rescue operation; including trench, collapse and high angle rescues.

 General Business Topics For Your Information:

 Many thanks to all who bring coupons for Laura Collins.

Alumni Dues (to the Treasurer)  are very much appreciated and welcomed!  For those who bring them in on Monday, you will receive your lanyard and license plates holders.

Donations to the Chicagoland Dog Rescue can be made at any time.  Thank you to those who do so.

Updated Email, Telephone, and Mailing Address / ”preferred method of contact” information are requested from all on June 4th to update our files. (To the Vice President- Julie Tucknott)

The SBA renewal vote will take place June 4.  Please attend to cast your vote.  This is up to the Alumni!

Video Testimonials are being taped of your favorite part of your CPA class.  If you would like to speak about your ride-a-long, or Majic, or any other segment, see the President to be taped.  These are being created for the Officers to hear when they aren’t able to attend Graduation and see how much they are appreciated.

CPAAAS Apparel - 4 orders remain open if anyone would like to order a new polo shirt.   The order will need to total 6 to place the order.   (See Alice H.)  

Please visit with  Alice B. for Volunteer Events.

Visit the Recording Secretary,  the Corresponding Secretary (OPEN) , the Treasurer, the Vice President, &  the President, for any role related questions.   We are happy to assist.


Looking forward to seeing you Monday!

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