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Joe Ziniel - CPAAAS 2011 Volunteer of the Year!

Many CONGRATULATIONS go out to Alumni, Webmaster, and Active Volunteer - Joe Ziniel, for his capturing the "2011 Volunteer of the Year Award" from his peers!

Joe works tirelessly behind the scenes to promote our social media presence with not only Facebook and Twitter, but spends a large amount of his free time updating our website to make it more user friendly to our Alumni.

Everyone knows this is no easy task, and can't express their thanks enough for his hard work.

Joe was a Nominee for the Village of Schaumburg  (Individual Category) "Volunteer of the Year," and immediately left the luncheon to assist at ILEETA!   He also worked the Recycling event the weekend of April 21st, and this is just a snapshot of what Joe's contributions are to our organization.

Joe now has his name on the Volunteer of the Year plaque that hangs in the Schaumburg Police Department.

Congratulations JOE!!!!  

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