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Important information for Meeting Tonight! - APRIL 2, 2012

I hope this finds you well.
Please plan to arrive at the police station at 630 tonight to complete any pre- meeting business that you might have. 
(Board Nomination Forms, CDR Dog Donations, Coupon donations, Food donations for Laura Collins,  Dues/License plates holders, etc.)
Due to the nature of our Special Guests, we ask that all Alumni enter the Community Room through the public entrance in the foyer.  Please also wear your lanyard and or CPAAAS Polo.
Only Alumni will be granted entrance into the meeting.  It is our hope that only those invited to the meeting will attend.  
NOTE:  Only BOD members will gain entrance and sign in through the secured doors this evening.
BOD Members will be at the Public entrance of the Community room to greet you and direct all Alumni to the Community Room.
The meeting will begin promptly at 7 pm due to our Special Guest Speakers.
The Guest Speaker presentation is expected to conclude by 9pm whereby the Board elections will begin.
Many thanks for your attention to these special requests.

Citizen Police Academy
Alumni Association of Schaumburg


Please advise if you no longer wish to receive emails from CPAAAS.

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