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Letter from the President: 2011 Year in Review

Dear Friends-

As we look back on 2011, not only do we see 12 years of hard work coming to fruition, but 2011 has been a year of great transition in our CPAAAS Community.  It has been filled with unbelievable accomplishment and tremendous loss.

Accomplishment does not come overnight, and what has come to CPAAAS over this past year in all different forms, is the result of the tireless efforts of the Alumni who came before us and those who walk among us.  It continues to be an effortless collaboration because our hearts are truly in the right place.

The accomplishments which we can now call our own, are the results of 30 Graduating CPA Classes, 12 Years of CPAAAS, and thousands of volunteer hours, all working tirelessly together toward one common goal;  Crime Prevention in the Village of Schaumburg - on behalf of the Schaumburg Police Department.

And so, it is with great pride that I reflect on the spectacular events which embody 2011.

This remarkable organization has experienced tremendous growth, research, development, collaboration, and reinvention.   We are now realizing synergies which are energizing us in ways that can only be described as a credit to the trust and faith the members have allowed us to achieve.


  • Completion of the first Annual Report of 2010;
  • Compilation of Second Annual Report for 2011 (Forthcoming);
  • First Financial Statements of the organization;
  • Grant Recipient from Motorola Solutions Foundation to assist the SPD Canine Program;
  • Angel Fund Annual donations maintained historical underwriting (variable) costs:
    • Township Food Pantry;
    • PD/FD Northwest Corridor Chaplaincy Services;
    • Chicagoland Dog Rescue honoring Canine Officers/CPAAAS Alumni;
    • Social Services Assistance during the Holidays.  

IT (Information Technology)

  • Redesigned Website;
  • Social Media launch:  Facebook, Twitter.

Strategy/ Business Development

  • Membership to the Schaumburg Business Association (SBA) to promote Angel Fund.
  • Attended the Schaumburg Business Association Expo to promote CPA, CPAAAS, & the Angel Fund.


  • Purchased marketing tools, resources, and redesigned apparel for Alumni.


  • Observance of September 11, 2001- 10 year Anniversary- honoring Police Officers;
  • Observance of Fallen Officer SPD Star on Anniversary Date.

Honors & Awards

  • 2011 ICPA (IL Crime Prevention Association) “Organization of the Year” Award.


  •  Welcomed 12 new CPA Graduates to the CPAAAS Family from 2011 Spring and Fall Classes.

All of the above has been achieved because of the countless volunteer hours put forth by our selfless members year after year.   Innovation and volunteerism drives our organization to success.

It is with great respect and admiration that we recognize those Alumni who have stepped forth into the roles of not only Board of Directors, but all roles which continue to drive our organization towards remarkable, yet sustainable growth and accomplishment. 

Accomplishment is not achieved overnight.  Yet with the wealth of talent in our community that graduates from the Citizens Police Academy and enters into the Alumni Association, we are uniquely destined for decade after decade of success.

Many heartfelt thanks go out to the following Alumni for going the extra mile to position us for the tremendous success realized in 2011:

  • 2010 Board of  Directors: Mary Ghilardi, Tom Kaczmarek, Ken Marshall, Tom Conaway, Joan Alexander;
  • 2011 Board of Directors: Tom Kaczmarek, Kevin Snow, Tom Conaway, Joan Alexander;
  • 2011 Webmaster (Redesign) / Social Media Launch (Facebook, Twitter) - Alumni Joe Ziniel;
  • 1999-2010 Webmaster-  Alumni Ed Moy;
  • Apparel Coordinator for Citizens Police Academy Graduates– Alumni Alice Hartford;
  • Volunteer Coordinator CPAAAS – Alumni Alice Burnette;
  • Food Drive Ambassadors – Alumni Tom Conaway and Laura Collins; 
  • Adopt a Family Coordinator- Pat Zikomski;
  • Outstanding Chocolate Chip Cookie Coordinator - Pauline Willis (Thank you for baking for us for each and every meeting!) 


It is important to say thanks to you for your tireless dedication to membership renewal.  Because of you, we continue to remain fiscally responsible to our operating costs year after year - regardless of the economy.  THANK YOU. 

  • CPAAAS Dues -  P.O. Box 681003, Schaumburg, IL 60168

With great success, there is often great loss.  This year was met with the loss of two of the most amazing men our organization has ever known.  Both were pillars of our community and in our organization from the very beginning.  The loss we have felt with the passing of Alumni Jim Townsend and John Mydlach can never be filled.  However, we remain steadfast in celebrating their lives each and every day through our mission.

As we transition into 2012, our greatest hope that can come from all we leave behind in 2011, is that our fellow residents now know who we are, and that we truly are here for each other.

2011 was impressive, but 2012 will be sensational!

See you March 5! 

Kindest personal regards,


Theresa Plazewski



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