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September CPAAAS Events and Activities


Please see the clarifications regarding Sept. 11 activities and the Sept. 22 meeting will be held as scheduled on that date.

Dear Alumni: 


The month of September will have many items of interest and events, so if you see anything that catches your eye on the volunteer events, Alice Burnette can be reached at the below email address, etc.  For SBA events, please send your responses to the CPAAAS email account.

9.4.      SeptemberFest

9.5.      SeptemberFest Parade

9.11     9.11 10 Year Anniversary Observation- CPAAAS SPD Appreciation donations at the SPD.  OPTIONAL.  :)

9.11     VFW Observation as advertised by the Village of Schaumburg

9.12     Silver Olympics Week at Friendship Village of Schaumburg- Volunteers may still be needed- please contact Alice.

9.13     SBA:  Good morning Schaumburg- 7:30am-9:00 am Chandler’s Banquets.  Tickets $25 per member, $35 non members.

9.13     Culver’s Benefit Night 4-8 pm

9.22        GENERAL MEETING:      As Scheduled 9.22.11

9.27     Culver’s Benefit Night 4-8 pm

9.28     SBA:  Hyroglyfc Black Box Challenge 6:00 pm-8:30 pm Location TBD, Tickets $10 each members, $15 non members

9.28     CPA Fall 2011 Class begins:  All CPAAAS Alumni invited! 6:30 pm Classroom.

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