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SPD Septembefest CPAAAS Volunteer Appreciation!


Please see the attached email from the SPD regarding our amazing teams that volunteered this weekend at the Fest!

We are so proud of you and thankful that you represented the SPD and CPAAAS in such a spectacular fashion.  :)

Many thanks again, and we look forward to exceptional presence next year.  (Alice Burnett is our incredible point of contact for 2012 planning if you want to help out in the event you aren't able to make future meetings.)

Many thanks again!

All the best-


Theresa Plazewski

Citizen Police Academy
Alumni Association of Schaumburg

Please advise if you no longer wish to receive emails from CPAAAS.

From: Donald Eller
Subject: RE: Septembefest CPAAAS Volunteer Schedule
To: "Alice Burnette", "John Nebl" >, "Paula Diaz" 
Cc: "'CPAAAS'"
Date: Wednesday, September 7, 2011, 11:46 AM


Thanks to you and all the volunteers from CPAAAS who helped out again this year.

The P.D. really appreciates it.

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