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Saturday, Oct. 1, Events - VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

Hello everyone-

We have an active weekend approaching and with our Volunteer Coordinator out of pocket placing some tender loving care towards herself and her family during this very difficult time, I have been called to the task of filling in.

Please hang in there with me as I am not as good at this as she is, and will try my best to manage the incredible events that have requested our presence this weekend:

We have 2 events going on, on this Saturday, October 1st.

Please email me if you are interested or see me this evening.

1.      October 1, 2011. 9a to 1p. Two people min.   Home Depot Safety Event (Home Depot on Barrington Road at Schaumburg Road)

2.      October 1, 2011. 11a-2p Two -Three people max.  Schaumburg Fire Dept - Open House at Station 51 (SPD parking lot).

You must wear your CPAAAS shirt, name badge, and dark pants/capris.

Please complete the information blanks below and reply back ASAP.  Most importantly, please be sure you put a phone number down that we can reach you Saturday, if there are any changes.

Phone number I can be reached at ____________________________________


______ I can volunteer for my assigned shift


_____ I cannot volunteer for my assigned shift, however I am available to volunteer from _______ to _______.


_____ I am not able to volunteer for this event

 Please contact me with any questions.  Have fun at the event.

Thank you and best regards-



Theresa Plazewski



Citizen Police Academy
Alumni Association of Schaumburg

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