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Hello everyone-

We have an ANOTHER J active week approaching next week, and with our Volunteer Coordinator out of pocket placing some tender loving care towards herself and her family during this very difficult time, I have been called to the task of filling in. J 

She works HARD!  WOW!

Please hang in there with me as I am not as good at this as she is, and will try my best to manage the incredible events that have requested our presence this weekend:

We have 1 event  going on this coming week, and 2 events next weekend Saturday, October 8th at Woodfield Mall.

Please email me if you are interested or see me this evening.


1.      October 3-7, 2011 (Mon thru Friday). Each day from 10a – 3p. Two people min.  Secretary of State Office - Customer Appreciation Days (Golf and Meacham).


2.      October 8, 2011. 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m   Two –Three people min.  Sears Safety Weekend – (Woodfield Mall) There is a booth for this in the mall.   


3.      October 8, 2011. 10:30a to 1p    Two –Three people min..  JC Penny Safety Event - (Woodfield Mall).  10:30a to 1p.


You must wear your CPAAAS shirt, name badge, and dark pants/capris.


Please complete the information blanks below and reply back ASAP.  Most importantly, please be sure you put a phone number down that we can reach you Saturday, if there are any changes.


Phone number I can be reached at ____________________________________


______ I can volunteer for my assigned shift


_____ I cannot volunteer for my assigned shift, however I am available to volunteer from _______ to _______.


_____ I am not able to volunteer for this event

 Please contact me with any questions.  Have fun at the event.

Thank you and best regards-



Theresa Plazewski



Citizen Police Academy
Alumni Association of Schaumburg

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