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Friendship Village Event -CPAAAS Volunteers Needed for Wed Sept 14th - Fri Sept 16th for The Silver Games sponsored by Friendship Village & Schaumburg Park District


I hope this finds you well.

One of our partners at the Friendship Village reached out to us in early summer on behalf of our amazing former President Mary Ghilardi, requesting our assistance with the Silver Games coming  up this week.

Knowing Mary's heartfelt dedication to working within this community, it has been important that we bring this to our members on several occasions during May and June, and July - although early on, to seek assistance for the exceptional team members at Friendship Village.   Response has been understandably very low due to summer schedules and we are hoping for one more schedule revisit if at all possible to see if anyone is available.

Now that the Fest has concluded, we are hoping that if anyone has time this week, we would be so appreciative if you are able to revisit your calendars and perhaps assist with this amazing opportunity for the Friendship Village.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of assisting with this wonderful event coming this week (details below and if you would be able to assist, please reach out to Alice Burnett.

Many thanks-

Theresa Plazewski


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