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Dec. 7- CPA Graduation / CPAAAS Donation to Chicagolan​d Dog Rescue honoring Canine Officers/A​lumni

Dear Friends-
I hope this finds you well.
This Wednesday at 6:30 pm, our SPD will graduate the 30th CPA Class - the Fall Class of 2011.   Even more exciting is at Graduation, Canine Office Majic will be in attendance and all CPAAAS Alumni are invited!
Due to this amazing coincidence, CPAAAS has coordinated the final 2011 Annual Angel Fund Donation to the Community - to our new friends at the Chicagoland Dog Rescue (CDR). 
Because the night of Graduation will host Canine Officer Majic, our new Graduates, and our CPAAAS Alumni, the Board believed this evening would be the ideal catalyst for creating visibility and strength for our new partnership with the Chicagoland Dog Rescue in honor of our remarkable Canine Officers and the recently passed Alumni who loved them - Jim Townsend.
As we celebrate the evening and welcome 2012 with the CDR, any thoughtful donations brought the night of graduation for the dogs that are rescued are most appreciated!
Below is a sample of what are appreciated items for care directly for the rescued dogs:
Wish List Items for Chicagoland Dog Rescue:
1.      PetCo Gift Cards (any amount is greatly appreciated)
2.      Dog harnesses:  sizes:  Sm, Med, or Lrg.
3.      Dog Leashes, cotton web, or leather:  6 ft lengths.
4.      Dog collars:  sizes:      Sm, Med. or Lrg
5.      Dog beds:  medium to large size
6.      Dog Bowls :  stainless steel, Medium size
7.      Fontline Flea and Tick for:  Small breed, Medium breed, Large breed
Many thanks for any thoughts you have for the dogs and see you at Graduation!
All the best-
Theresa Plazewski

Citizen Police Academy
Alumni Association of Schaumburg

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