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CPAAAS Sponsors Village Seniors for SPD Care Trak Transmitter


Late last month, the CPAAAS Board of Directors were respectfully requested by the SPD, to sponsor Village of Schaumburg senior citizens on a fixed income for a SPD Program.  The Program is called  the Care Trak Transmitter, and is available to those in need due to various health reasons.

Diagnosed with advanced Alzheimers, one of the seniors in this couple cannot be left alone.

Obtaining a Care Trak bracelet for his wife to aid us in finding her should she wander off due to her disease, was a great decision for CPAAAS to sponsor the couple who is on a fixed (social security) income and would have great difficulty paying the dollars for the transmitter.

Because this request completely met all of the Angel Fund criteria for support, CPAAAS and the Angel Fund sponsored the Village Seniors with a check for $246.00 to Care Trak to cover the transmitter usage.

Here again, are our Angel Fund dollars being reinvested in our community!

All the best-


Theresa Plazewski


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