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SFD provides A+ training on CPR to CPAAAS at SPD!

When you have such remarkable talent at the Schaumburg Police Department, it's only natural that the wealth of talent at our equally as talented Schaumburg Fire Department, would oblige our request to be certified on the latest and greatest CPR techniques from the State of Illinois on Nov. 17, 2011.

SFD Lt. John Schneidwind and Firefighter / Paramedic Doug Tragesser, conducted training with not only the most up to the minute "Annie" and "AED" equipment, they also trained us on the techniques that truly make a difference in life saving efforts. 

CPR can be an intense experience.   Any person who trains to do this clearly needs upper body strength, and this training gave those of us taking certification, a new insight into the updated techniques. 

As with our Police Department, the Fire Department strives for extensive continuing education to better serve our Village in greater life saving efforts and that translated over in our training.

One of the outstanding qualities of our trainers was not only their respect and appreciation for the subject matter, but for each other.  Yet as you will see below, what separates a good instructor from a great instructor is the ability to bring comic relief to intense moments. 

Our heartfelt thanks go out to Lt. John and Fft. Doug for great instruction with so much fun! 

We can't wait to have them back next year for recertification.  :)  


Theresa Plazewski, President


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