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Agenda for Monday Open Board Meeting Oct. 10- Exciting news!



In an effort to streamline the resources, time, and and talents of our non profit organization,  going forward, all communication will be available via the website, and our social media avenues.

Save this URL to our new website until we have the transfer completed, which would be announced at an upcoming meeting - upon completion.

Alice Burnett will continue to reach out with emails for volunteer opportunities in addition to them being posted on our website and social media as she continues to coordinate the events so effortlessly on our behalf.

If you know of any alumni who does not have internet access at all, please feel free to reach out to them and share information.

All recommendations, concerns, and questions are welcome at all meetings for a collaborative, expeditious result.

And finally - the Agenda for the upcoming meeting in the last mass email communication:


Open Board of Directors Meeting

"Breast Cancer Awareness Month"

Monday,  October 10, 2011

SPD Classroom 7:00 pm

 Open Business

  • Welcome all new Alumni
  • 50/50 Raffle Drawing-
  • Holiday Donation Participation Status - Member BUY IN- to be announced
    • Adopt a Family- Form Teams & Team Lead with wrap party location
    • Shop with a Cop- Form Teams & Team Lead
    • Donation in SPD "Thunder's Name" to Dog Shelter Betty Hlad
    • Food Pantry Annual Donation - 2011 in John Mydlach's name
    • Food Pantry 2012 Donation - Further discussion on support of Laura Collins couponing talents to maximize dollars towards practical "donation" to Pantry through out the year in 2012 as part of budgeted dollars for END OF YEAR Donation (?)
    • Collaborate with Delores Townsend for honoring Jim with CPAAAS work /other- thoughts?
  • Recording Secretary - Open Items - Minutes
    • 2011 Items for follow up in 2012 - (Fest Water Dist. SPD / Mydlach honor, etc.) 
    • Button machine status, etc.
  • Corresponding Secretary - Open Items
    • ( Annual Report Status) DRAFT or FINAL Status - any further questions?
  • Treasurer- Open Items
    • (2011 Draft Budget on current Spend Operations & Angel Fund)
    • (2012 Draft Budget on Operations and Angel Fund)
  • Vice President - Open Items - TBD
  • President- Open Items
    • Audit - status
    • Volunteer back ups (2) needed for Alice Burnette
    • Schedule planning for 2012- status
    • Guest Speakers/ planning for 2012- status
    • Benefit Night at Pilot Pete's -  Status-
    • CPA Fall C-lass attendance - Every session now

Best Regards,

Theresa Plazewski


Citizen Police Academy
Alumni Association of Schaumburg

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