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Hoffman Estates CPAAA & Schaumburg CPAAAS connect!


I hope this finds you well.

This week I had the amazing opportunity to meet with the Vice President of the Hoffman Estates Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association, Leigh Bartkowiak. 

Leigh contacted me as a result of volunteering with our Alumni at ILEETA this April, and we had the chance to sit down and share ideas on Fundraising, Guest Speakers, and ways to blend our organizations due to our neighboring communities.  This was also the ideal opportunity to make introductions to Leigh with our brilliant new colleagues in Rockford - CAP Coordinator Joe Owens, and the Gurnee CPAAA President Ron Crook. 

Leigh has many contacts in our Village and was kind enough to come to our beautiful community to visit with me.  We learned that Hoffman Estates has not only their Alumni Association but an EMA group she spoke very highly of.     Hmmmm......

Leigh also share our heartfelt interest in supporting Canine Officers, and the program we are so dedicated to with our Canine awareness program especially since we received the outstanding Motorola Grant.  Hoffman Estates had 3 Canine Officers and now is down to only one, but her hope is they will raise funds to support at least 2 or maybe even 3 again. 

Hoffman Estates, Schaumburg, Gurnee, and Rockford are looking to the near future to work together to support each other in not only fundraising efforts, but public service as well.  Our hope is to support each other where we can to maintain the presence of our organizations and share best practices to remain strong through the challenges we face as non profit organizations.

Leigh and I agreed that because the Township Food Pantry supports not only Schaumburg, but Hoffman Estates, Rolling Meadows, Elk Grove and Streamwood, it was important to try to work together on an opportunity to have CPAAAS Food Pantry Ambassador Laura Collins see if there was an opportunity to receive any of their Alumni's uncut / unused coupons.  It all goes to the same place at the end of the day, and this will enable Laura to maximize her efforts and our CPAAAS annual Food Pantry donation even more.  CPAAAS is so thankful for Leigh's willingness to be open to this opportunity for the Food Pantry!  :)

Watch for additional communication to come through for opportunities to work together!  Especially with the Holiday week upon us!

All the best-

Theresa Plazewski,

CPAAAS President #5




Technology Update - Note from the President

Dear Friends

I hope this finds you well.

It has been one full year since we began improving our technology to serve you more efficiently, and effectively.

With any form of growth, there is often times growing pains.   In December, our Yahoo email experienced some down time due to an upgrade we were not prepared for.

This was minimal and Joe Ziniel and I worked through it.   More recently, our Yahoo email account was hit by spam. 

Please accept our sincerest apologies for any of our members or partners who may have received an unwelcomed email(s) from our CPAAAS account.

Our Webmaster Joe and I continue to be committed to excellence in serving you, and correcting any hiccups we encounter along the way with regard to our technology servers.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Kind Regards,


 Theresa Plazewski



CPAAAS Welcomes ILEETA Executive Director Harvey Hedden to June 4, 2012 Meeting

On June 4, 2012, CPAAAS welcomed ILEETA Executive Director, Mr. Harvey Hedden to the General Session meeting for an unexpected, but much appreciated visit.

Mr. Hedden arrived with well wishes and expressed appreciation to CPAAAS for all the support CPAAAS has given in the past years at the ILEETA Annual Spring Event, and presented to CPAAAS ILEETA Chairperson Tom Conaway, an Appreciation Plaque.

Many thanks to Mr. Hedden for his visit and kind words!



 We are proud to present two special guests for our Monday, June 4th, 2012 Meeting before we conduct our general business.  7 pm- SPD – Community Room.

From the SPD: Paula Diaz- Who  will kick off the evening with news regarding National Night Out Event on August 7th

Special Guest Speaker: Lt. Jack Schneidwind of the Schaumburg Fire Department who recently trained us at Thanksgiving on CPR, will follow Paula by sharing his experience at Ground Zero on the days that immediately followed  9/11/2001,  when he and his colleagues arrived on September 12th and departed on the evening of September 17th.   Jack has been with the Schaumburg Fire Department for the past 24 years, and the last 7 as a Lieutenant, and a Paramedic since 1985.   He has been assigned to the Squad for 20 of his  24 years,  which  is responsible for search and rescue operations at fire scenes.   The Squad is also the company that does dive rescue, vehicle extrication, hazardous materials operations and all technical rescue operation; including trench, collapse and high angle rescues.

General Business Topics For Your Information:


Many thanks to all who bring coupons for Laura Collins.

Alumni Dues (to the Treasurer)  are very much appreciated and welcomed!  For those who bring them in on Monday, you will receive your lanyard and license plates holders.

 Donations to the Chicagoland Dog Rescue can be made at any time.  Thank you to those who do so.

 Updated Email, Telephone, and Mailing Address / ”preferred method of contact” information are requested from all on June 4th to update our files. (To the Vice President- Julie Tucknott)

The SBA renewal vote will take place July 2.  Please attend to cast your vote.  This is up to the Alumni!    Rescheduled time.

Video Testimonials are being taped of your favorite part of your CPA class.  If you would like to speak about your ride-a-long, or Majic J, or any other segment, see the President to be taped.  These are being created for the Officers to hear when they aren’t able to attend Graduation and see how much they are appreciated.

CPAAAS Apparel - 4 orders remain open if anyone would like to order a new polo shirt.   The order will need to total 6 to place the order.   (See Alice H.) 

Please visit with  Alice B. for Volunteer Events.

Visit the Recording Secretary,  the Corresponding Secretary (OPEN) , the Treasurer, the Vice President, &  the President, for any role related questions.  J  We are happy to assist.

July 2 , 2012 Special Guest Speaker: Sgt. John Nebl- SPD.  Verbal Defense & Influence.”

Watch the web - July 2 will host many general business items that need your input.


See You Tonight!








Please extend my thanks to CPAAAS for their support. While I didn’t have the chance to write down everybody’s name as we got pretty busy at times, I can easily say at least a dozen (and probably a few more than that) CPAAAS members stopped by to donate and support us this past Friday. Please share the below information and remind them if anybody wants shirts, hats, raffle tickets, they can contact Paula Diaz.

 Sergeant John Nebl – Public Information Officer / Community Relations Sgt. / Forensics Unit Supervisor

Schaumburg Police Department

From: John Nebl
Sent: Monday, June 04, 2012 11:32 AM
Subject: Cop On Rooftop - RESULTS

Our torch run is coming up this Sunday with those proceeds also going to the Special Olympics.

We still have Special Olympics T-shirts ($15), hats ($15), travel coffee mugs ($10), and raffle tix ($10) for a Harley Davidson motorcycle.  Again all proceeds go to the Special Olympics. Please see Paula Diaz in Crime Prevention or myself if you are interested.

Many thanks to all those from the PD and the village hall who stopped by to visit, donate, and lend support.   

 A special thanks to the following people who donated an hour or more of their time to staff the event:

Ground Crew

Paula Diaz - Crime Prevention Specialist

Auxiliary Officer Dave Phillips

Auxiliary  Officer Frank Afable

Auxiliary Officer  Deb Zelinka

Flo Young (3-1-1 Center)

Crossing Guard Diana Gurgeghian

Crossing Guard Cathy Simboli

Officer Schmitt and K-9 Majic

Roof Crew

Sgt John Nebl

Sgt Cram

Deputy Chief Liberio

Deputy Cief Rizzo

Officer Schmitt

Officer Ziebell

Officer Stopka

 (My apologies if I skipped somebody)


Finally, a VERY SPECIAL thank you to several Special Olympics athletes (and their teachers) from both Conant and Hoffman Estates high schools who stopped by to visit and support us. The time they spent with us was by far the best part of the day.