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Angel Fund

The Angel Fund was started in September 1999 from donations given to CPAAAS when Ross Angel, our former President, succumbed to cancer. Ross was elected as President when we held our very first election in April, 1999. His mother, Dorothy Angel, requested that the money be used to benefit the Schaumburg Police Department. She felt that it was what Ross would have wanted since he was a major participant at the conception of our organization. That wish was fulfilled the spring of 2000 when monies that began the Angel Fund purchased ten helmets for the Schaumburg Bicycle Patrol. It was the desire of CPAAAS to continue fundraising efforts to build up the Angel Fund in order to benefit our friends in law enforcement and the community whether it is directly or indirectly through the Schaumburg Police Department.

Angel Fund Criteria

CPAAAS Board members met at a Closed Board meeting on 11/17/2001 to address issues regarding the Angel Fund. 

The Board reviewed the initial intent of the fund, the purpose of CPAAAS, the problems brought up regarding a past funding, and concerns over future funding from the Angel Fund.

As the funds continue to grow, it is more important that guidelines be put in place. It was decided that specific criteria be written and followed in the future as to the usage of the Angel Fund. The following criteria was written by the Board and voted on to be put in place effective immediately.

  1. Funds should benefit a) Schaumburg Police Department as a whole, b) a significant need or cause with the Village of Schaumburg.
  2. Suggestions that meet the above criteria must be submitted in writing to the Board for consideration for funding.
  3. Board members will vote on fund usage at an Open Board Meeting. Majority vote of the Board Members applies.
  4. If an emergency cause presents itself, then an emergency Closed Board Meeting will be called to address the issue.
  5. Fund will continue to accumulate until a suitable cause is found to fund.