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What is the Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association of Schaumburg?

The Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association of Schaumburg (CPAAAS) is an independent, non-profit corporation that is governed by a Board of Directors elected from members with more then two years of CPAAAS membership. The association was formed in 1999 by graduates of the Village of Schaumburg Citizens Police Academy. The CPAAAS is funded solely by member dues and corporate donations and receives no funding from either the Schaumburg Police Department or the Cook County Sheriff's Department.

What is CPAAAS' purpose?

The purpose of the CPAAAS is to assist and support the Village of Schaumburg and the Schaumburg Police Department in its overall mission. The association promotes awareness through volunteerism. The Association develops and coordinates meaningful and constructive projects for the community. The Association promotes the civic development of its members through educational presentations on law enforcement issues, community concerns, and to enhance quality of life.

What does CPAAAS do?

CPAAAS provides educational activities for it's members and volunteer support for the Schaumburg Police department. It interfaces with the community, generally through social activities and by providing briefings to community organizations as requested, and it hosts or supports special activities such as outside speakers, departmental speakers, etc.

CPAAAS ongoing projects:

  • Members participating in the Schaumburg Police Department Volunteer Program
  • Schaumburg Township Food Pantry donations and financial aid to needy families
  • Baby Car Seat Checks
  • Citizen Police Academy Graduation Ceremonies
  • Assisting the Schaumburg Police Department as requested
  • Publishing bi-monthly CPAAAS newsletter
  • Monthly open board meetings and social/regular general meetings

What are CPAAAS' educational activities?

Educational activities through the CPAAAS are aimed at making members better informed citizens, and to allow them to interface more knowledgeable with other citizens in the community. Guest Speakers and/or hands-on demonstrations are featured during general meetings which are held once a month. Some topics and speakers include:

  • Officials from local, state and federal government agencies
  • Police and Sheriff Command Staff personnel
  • Scams and Frauds
  • Schaumburg Township

When does CPAAAS get involved with new graduates?

CPAAAS members are allowed to attend any Citizens Police Academy classes if they are looking for a refresher, want to learn more about a specific topic, or just want to meet new graduates.

On graduation day, CPAAAS gives a packet of materials to each graduate that includes information on CPAAAS.